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Hey Guys, Just wanted to let you know the results of my extended review period of my Rice partscaster....AMAZING!!! I recently purchased a guitar custom built for another customer with some unusual specifications...many of which were appealing to me. The neck on this guitar was just outrageously large and just unwieldy for my average size hands (and tiny thumbs....sometimes we are tortured at birth ). Rich Rice offered to reshape the neck to my liking and boy did he ever!!!! This was not some run of the mill machine shop build to a number sort of job. This was a shape it till it felt perfect kind of job. I've played this guitar non-stop for two plus weeks ( ... View full review
Hi Rich, I received the guitar with no issues. It looks, plays, and sounds fantastic! I gigged it last night and it performed flawlessly. It's my first tele and I'm delighted by how versatile and fun it is. I was also very pleased with the quality of the communication I had with you guys throughout the build process and your attention to detail and the trouble you took to get things right. I'm now a huge fan of Rice Guitars! Best,
Rich and Chris, I played both Rices at my band practice last night, and I still have a big smile on my face. For anything a little more rockin', #145 with the Fralins Blues is a perfect call, and for anything calling for a cleaner shimmery tone, #126 is perfect. Among other attributes, that trem system (Gotoh) is the best I have ever had. I am sure your nut, neck thickness, etc takes credit for that too. Man, I am in guitar heaven.
Tim Durkin
Hello guys, I just wanted to send you compliments on your Mr. T Pickups. I just bought a parts tele with a set installed and I'm blown away by the clarity and definition. I'm just starting to build up a parts Strat, and when I'm ready for pickups I'm coming for your Mr. S set. Again, kudos on these great pickups. PS - the tele in question is pictured in the attachments. The former owner tells me she's named "The Prom Queen." All Best,
Chris Gurreri
Hi Rich and Chris, The guitar arrived this past Thursday....and in typical fashion, I pulled into my development as a Fedex Home Delivery truck was leaving. I drove up the hill and into my garage......found the delivery sticker on my front door and cursed the gods for not giving me just five minutes. Joking aside, I ended up being home in time to sign the next day and was grinning ear to ear after opening the box. But I have to be honest......being a guitar player is a fickle thing....there was the worry of "buyers remorse" in the back of my mind since the very day I sent my down payment......and mainly that was in the form of two things: number one, t ... View full review
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